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As part of our focus week on global mobility, which runs 18-22 May, we want to know what you think the biggest challenge is when managing a global workforce.

As organisations become more globalised, the need to employ expatriates for global assignments is ever-increasing. In many corporations based wholly or partly in the UK, international assignments play a pivotal role in succession planning and talent development as well as being an effective means of transferring knowledge, expertise and even corporate culture around the world.

Our special edition runs for the whole week and takes a look at the key international HR and expatriated management issues and trends in 2015.

What is the greatest challenges in managing a global workforce?

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Last week’s poll

A new study from thinkmoney has found that UK offices are a hotbed of romance. While a third of these result in long-term relationships or marriage, workplace romances can also have their destructive side, with consequences ranging from awkward encounters to employees feeling they have to leave the company to avoid their ex.

What do you think? Is love a burden on workplace productivity? Read the story here and vote in our poll below?

Do we need policies to prevent office romances?

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