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Recent Episodes

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HR in Review Podcast Premium Podcast - Women in the Workplace - with Culture Amp

Premium Exclusive Episode - Women in the Workplace – with Culture Amp

It was widely reported that during the pandemic women’s careers were more adversely affected than those of their male counterparts.

Two years on has this picture changed and what are the factors coming into play?

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HR in Review Podcast Premium Podcast - Hybrid Working and Returning to Work - with XpertHR

Premium Exclusive Episode - Hybid Working

After more than 18 months of employees working at home, XpertHR research finds that the introduction of hybrid working is revealing challenges around collaboration, consistency, engagement, wellbeing and – in some cases – how to manage those who remain reluctant to return to the workplace, even on a hybrid basis.Join James Marsh,
HRreview and Noelle Murphy, XpertHR who discuss some of the highlights from the XpertHR report and look at how employers can best support their remote workers and encourage, where possible, a return to the office.
HR in Review Podcast Episode 16 - How to Empower Your Workforce

Ep 16 - How to Empower your Workforce

Belonging is a term used more often in the workplace these days, but creating a culture around it is difficult, unless we ensure it is part of every facet of our businesses.

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HR in Review Podcast Episode 18 - How Your HR Team Could Transform Your Business

Ep 18 - How Your HR Team Could Transform Your Business

We’re talking about the function of HR teams and how they can help drive change, productivity and wellness in a workplace from C-Suite onwards in this episode.

Our guests are Susan Thomson from Love Your Employee, Francesca Steyn, Director of Fertility and Women’s Health at Peppy and Harry Bliss, CEO of Champion Health.

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HR in Review Podcast Episode 17 - How to Nurture Belonging

Ep 17 - How to Nurture Belonging

Belonging is a term used more often in the workplace these days, but creating a culture around it is difficult, unless we ensure it is part of every facet of our businesses.

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HR in Review Podcast Premium Podcast - Why Fertility is a Workplace Issue - with Peppy

Premium Exclusive Episode - Why Fertility is a workplace issue – with Peppy

One in six couples in the UK experience fertility issues which can have a significant impact on mental health and financial wellbeing. It is clear that this is a widespread issue with ramifications for both employees and employers. So why is it still a workplace taboo?
In this podcast, James Marsh and Francesca Steyn discuss the scale of the problem, the potential impact on businesses and organisations and how employers can start the conversation and take their first steps to help support employees who are going through fertility related issues.

Your HR in Review Hosting Team

James Marsh

James Marsh

James Marsh  is an Human Resources and Learning & Development Manager at Planet Organic.

James has particular interest in early careers, apprenticeships, social mobility, coaching and diversity employment. Most recently, he has led the design and delivery of apprenticeships for a £50m speciality retailer. To develop these apprenticeships and internship programmes, he built partnerships with leading educational providers, London borough councils and The London Progression Collaboration. As an active member of the London Apprenticeship Ambassador Network, he shares programme best practice and mentors businesses seeking to develop apprenticeships.


Feyaza Khan

Feyaza Khan is a news reader for BBC Radio Cornwall and fouunder/director of Evanesco Media.

Feyaza has worked as a consultant, journalist and communications professional whose career has spanned a variety of roles in the UK and overseas. With a degree in International Journalism, International Relations and Radio Broadcasting from Liverpool John Moores University, Feyaza began her career in print journalism before her love of radio took her into broadcasting. Feyaza moved to the UAE where she helped establish a social media presence for local radio stations, and simultaneously co-founded a stand-up comedy business “because I wasn’t busy enough!”

Bill Banham

Bill Banham

Bill Banham is Podcast Host and Associate Editorial & Community Director, HRreview.

Bill is the founder of the north american based HR Gazette and Iceni Marketing as well as the co-founder of the WorkingTech show and the InnovateWork event series. HR Gazette publishes news and opinion related to HR Tech, Leadership, Talent, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Recognition, DEI, Wellness, Benefits and Company Culture. The online magazine is supported by the HRchat podcast – which is published 2-4 times each week.

James Marsh

Monica Sharma

Monic Sharma was, until recently, the full time editor of HRreview.

Prior to working with HRreview, Monica was deputy editor of Warwick Uncanny: .  Monica currently works as a

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