Simplifying Performance: 5 steps for implementing a system that actually works  - free  whitepaper  download

A common concern heard from organisations is that putting a new performance management system into effect is difficult. Some companies’ HR leaders already have something in place, and even if it is an unpopular process or platform, they feel that a subpar system is better than introducing something new that may not be embraced.

Then there are other organisations that don’t have any structure in place for performance management and have the same fears about introducing a new tool. We get it! Humans are loss averse and it’s easy to know what you’re losing (even if it’s an unpopular performance process) but not clear what you’re gaining. Culture Amp are passionate about helping organisations have a performance system that actually improves people’s performance, along with boosting  the engagement levels of employees.

‘Performance’ is simply their term for a fresh approach to performance management, which encompasses both measurement (looking back) and development (looking forward). Recent Culture Amp research shows that it’s integral to include development in the performance process, as this is a consistent high driver of engagement and retention. In this free whitepaper, they have developed five key steps and three principles that any organisation can implement to improve the way performance is done at their  organisation, whether using a software platform like Culture Amp’s or not.

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