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Are you keen to express your views on HR issues? Become an HRreview columnist.

Do you have a passion for writing about HR and related issues? Are you looking to build your profile as an HR expert? 

At HRreview, we offer experts in a particular area of HR or management the opportunity to provide content on a regular basis, adding value for our readers and giving you the exposure that will promote you, your organisation and your brand and position you as an HR thought leader. You can write on any topic, issue or trend that conceivably falls under one or more of our seven content headings: HR, employment law, diversity, learning and development, recruitment, reward and wellbeing

Your content could appear along side a profile of you that includes a short biography and a photo that would be accessible directly from the HRr homepage.
Our editorial guidelines for the columns are as follows…

  • Columns should be 400-600 words in length. If you feel like the topic you are writing about warrants a larger word count, let us know and we may be able to schedule it as a feature instead.
  • Columns should be submitted according to a regular schedule to be agreed with the editorial team. We ask for a minimum contribution of one piece per month, and are happy to agree schedules of up to twice a week. In our experience, we have found once every two weeks to be a happy medium that allows our audience to build familiarity with a particular columnist without placing too much of a time burden on already busy people.
  • Regular contributors will be assigned a category on which to write from our seven main areas of HR, diversity, employment law, learning, recruitment, reward and wellbeing. While we are happy to offer further editorial guidance, we believe that the best content comes from contributors writing about the things they want to write about and thus we endevour, within your assigned category, to give you as much license as possible to write about whatever you would like to. We may offer suggestions or make requests from time to time based on current events or to compliment other pieces we have scheduled.
  • There will be a submission deadline for each piece of content that will be set a week before the column is due to be published. We will provide you with a schedule that will include your submission and publication deadlines for up to three months and we will update you any time that schedule changes.
  • You should provide us with a short biography (around 100 words) and a profile picture of yourself (ideally .png or .jpg format, minimum 300 x 300 pixels at 72dpi) so that we can create the profile that will appear with all of your content.
  • All content and biographies should be submitted in Word format via email to [email protected]
  • We ask that you do not overtly promote your commercial activities, products or services in your column.
  • We ask that your columns are exclusive to us. By this we mean that they are not published by any other HR or management publication or mainstream media. We are happy for you to publish it on your own website or under your own name on LinkedIn should you wish to.
  • If you need to change your schedule or the frequency of your column, or would like to write about a topic outside of the category under which your column sits, we ask for a minimum of one month’s notice so that we can update our schedule.

If you are interested in writing a regular HRr column, one-off article, case study or other item for HRreview, we are interested in hearing from you.

Please use the form at the end of this page to contact us, outlining your interest and telling us a little about yourself. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email at [email protected]

You can find some basic guidelines about the HRr house style below.

House Style

Some simple guidelines for our writing style…

  • UK English
  • Please spell numbers under 10 (don’t use numerals) except in headings
  • Please write ‘percent’ in body copy but use “%” for figures in brackets eg (3%)
  • Generally please ‘close’ words such as website (not “web site” or “web-site”), wellbeing (not “well being” or “well-being”)

Other images

We are happy to accept additional images to accompany the article, eg. illustrations, graphs, tables.

(Please ensure we are granted permission to use any images or that they are copy right free. We accept no responsibility for image royalties and will pass any charges and/or fines for illegally submitted images directly back to the supplier)

Keywords:  Feel free to suggest 2-5 keywords to tag the content for SEO

Submission Form