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Were your staff absent during the World Cup?

U-Clock offers employers a way out of a tricky situation by allowing simple cost-effective monitoring of remote staff. Many employers were reasonable with their staffs working hours during the World Cup but despite this, it was...

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UK skills system needs reform to steady economy

The UK’s economy – currently the sixth largest in the world – is set to slide down the international rankings unless its skills and employment systems are fundamentally reformed and improved claims a new paper....

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Brits pull most sickies in Europe

One in five employees in the UK have admitted that the last time they took a ‘sick day’ was actually for personal reasons rather than because they were ill. Many people would not own up to feigning illness;...

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HR headache from World Cup online viewing?

Business may find that their networks struggle to cope with increased traffic for workers looking to view World Cup matches online in the office, according to one expert. Nigel Hawthorn, vice-president of Europe, Middle East and...

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World Cup absence ‘must be monitored’

While the World Cup is in full swing, a UK employment body is giving advice on how to handle a potential increase in employees looking to take sick days in order to watch more of the matches.The Recruitment and Employment...

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