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Sofie Lundberg: ‘Earn while you learn’ – the benefits of apprenticeships

Earlier this year it was revealed that large UK firms will be levied with a new tax to help fund the government’s promise of adding 3 million apprentices to the UK workforce by the year 2020. This huge step for apprenticeships must surely mean that the government believes this is the way for the future, as opposed to three years in lecture halls followed by potentially years of debt?

Apprentices have more earning power than graduates, study claims

Apprentices who gain a level 5 qualification can earn up to £50,000 more than those who choose to go to university. Figures compiled by the Boston Reporting Group and analysed by the Sutton Trust found exceptional apprentices can earn up to £1.5 million over the course of their careers beating the typical graduate from a non-Russell Group Institution.

Four out of five disabled students could drop out of Uni due to DSA cuts

Planned cuts to Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) could have a detrimental impact on the academic and employment prospects of affected students, according to a poll of 200 students with disabilities, carried out by the disability support specialist Randstad Student & Worker Support. Unless universities can find replacement funds in time, the proportion of disabled students…