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‘Marginalised’ older workers feel more stressed than younger colleagues

New survey of office workers reveals deep divides in today’s multi-generational workplaces Older employees are at risk of being marginalised in the workplace according to a new survey of office workers from workplace consultants, Peldon Rose, which reveals big differences in the wellbeing, attitudes and motivations of the workplace’s oldest and youngest employees. The over…

Armin Hopp: Keeping corporate learning up to date with the Millennial generation

Delivering learning and development to young people in the workplace can be challenge – especially if those in charge pre-date the internet generation. Millennials will make up half the workforce by 20201 and they will expect social and mobile learning platforms as a matter of course. As organisations become increasingly international, learning and development professionals have a key role to play in providing the language and communication skills to underpin that.

Gareth Mann: What should employers expect of the Facebook generation?

According to Goldman Sachs, Millennials (anyone born between 1980 and 2000) are one of the largest generations in history. It might also surprise you to know that since 2013 Millennials have made up the majority of the workforce. This generation is now poised to move into their prime spending years and will be a major force in our businesses.