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Howard Grosvenor: Ten innovations show the cutting edge of assessment

Today’s recruiters want their assessments to deliver four objectives: to differentiate their employer brand, to provide an engaging candidate experience, to deliver process efficiency and, most importantly, to provide robust and objective data about which candidates will thrive in the role and fit their culture.

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Chris Gannon: The fastest way to fail at recruitment? Stop innovating

Recruitment has drastically changed over the last 10 years. It used to be that a recruiter solely sat on the HR side of the table, but in a hyper-competitive landscape, recruiters need to think more like marketers, and align themselves with sales and marketing within the company. In this new era of recruiting, where companies are feverishly competing for the top candidates, recruiters have a role to make their company stand out from the cluttered market.

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Interview: Stuart Sackman on innovation in HR

Innovation within HR and recruitment can significantly impact a business but what are the best techniques for implementing and monitoring new ideas? HRreview discusses the future of HR with ADP’s Stuart Sackman.

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