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Robert Leeming: Are internships making the UK’s creative industry a middle class only affair?

An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. That has always been the adage that has kept the wheels of capitalism turning for generations. If you mentioned the notion of working for free to anyone from an older generation, they would find the idea abhorrent. They would slam the notion as exploitation, as not the way that things are supposed to work. And they would be right.

Pension Awareness Day: New research highlights shortfall in communication of benefits

Research conducted by Mybenefitsatwork, a new online service launched by national firm of financial advisers, Foster Denovo Limited, has uncovered that the vast majority of employers (95 percent) believe the responsibility lies with them to keep their staff informed about changes to pensions legislation. This is supported by the fact that three quarters (75 percent) of employees believe the duty rests…

Sainbury’s announce pay increase for 137,000 store employees

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s have announced today that they will award 137,000 colleagues working in stores across the country a pay increase of four percent, taking their standard rate of pay to £7.36 per hour, effective from 30 August. The decision takes pay for store employees above the Government’s new National Living Wage announced by George Osbourne in…