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Bernard Marr: How data is changing the way we work

No industry is unaffected by the wave of change made possible by the ever-growing amount of data we are collecting, storing and analyzing. From banking and insurance to healthcare, manufacturing and marketing, data is being used to unlock new possibilities and push back boundaries. Increasingly, businesses will sink or swim according to how they react…

Alex Wilke: How a Chief Feedback Officer can improve employee feedback

Collecting and acting on feedback from employees and customers is becoming essential to successful business decision making, prompting discussions about the emergence of a new board level representative – the Chief Feedback Officer – to take control of the area.  What’s behind this idea and what exactly would someone with that job title do anyway?

145 million accounts stolen thanks to use of employees log-in details

The reputational damage to eBay could hardly be greater. Every single one of its 15 million British users is being required to change their passwords following a security breach. One would expect that a company as large as eBay would have fairly stringent security measures in place. So what kind of highly sophisticated hacking techniques…