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Peace and goodwill? Work stress peaks for many in December

Do you believe in peace and goodwill and this most wonderful time of the year? Well good on you, you’re just, just about in the majority. Apparently quite a few of us don’t see Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, according to new research, 42 percent  say December is one of the most stressful months of the year. Balancing work and family life and the rush to take holidays before the year apparently piles on the pressure, the new research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows.

Do you dread the office Christmas party? Don’t worry, you are not alone

Dread is a word usually reserved for use before visiting the dentists, or before major surgery. One dreads a make or break meeting, a flight through turbulent weather, or being forced to listen to Christmas music for several hours on a loop. But, today, as well as those things, people also dread that most convivial of Christmas carousals, the office Christams party.

New research by facilities management specialists, Direct365, has found that 24.5 percent of people openly admit that they intend to consume alcohol on a ‘work night’ during the Christmas party season. Direct365 is proposing that employers ‘breathalyse’ employees who might still be over the limit when they return to work the next morning, to improve safety.

Dos and don’ts at the office Christmas party – Part 2 (Infographic)

As the Christmas season invites us to get merry, it can be easy to get carried away at the office party. Expert Market have made a guide for you to follow when attending your own festive functions. Help Keep HRreview Free with a Small Donation If you enjoy our content, please support us… Select the amount you would…

71% of employees would rather have a cash bonus than a Christmas party

The planning started weeks ago and the date is already in the diary for the work Christmas party – but the majority of work partygoers would rather have the cash, new research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows. Its nationwide study of employees found 71% would rather have the cash the company spends per head as…