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Workers giving more than ever to charity directly from their salaries

More employees are giving large parts of their salaries to charity to try to be better citizens. A global initiative called Give What We Can says more than 6,000 people have given more than 183 million pounds since 2009 to charity, while HMRC says around 132 million pounds was donated by employees directly from their salary through the Payroll Giving Scheme in 2019/20.

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Internship controversially sold at auction for $10,000

The listing of a two-week internship at a charity auction – that sold for $10,000 – has prompted an avalanche of criticism. The notion of someone paying an exorbitant sum in order to work for free for an organisation has also been labeled as exploitation.

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UK workers reveal their top 10 most awkward office moments

Workers across the UK have revealed what they think are the top ten most socially awkward situations that, inevitably, occur in the workplace. The survey was conducted as part of the British Heart Foundation’s Raise Funds Your Way campaign to get workplaces fundraising to fight heart disease.

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