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Andreas Lohff: The new ‘golden rules’ of assessment

The digital revolution has created a new ‘riverbed’ where talent can be found. 82% of job seekers now search for new roles online, so the modern equivalent of a ‘shallow gold pan’ is a mobile hiring strategy. Andreas Lohff discusses how we can utilise the ‘golden rules of assessment’.

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GradWeb rebrands to Amberjack

GradWeb, the volume recruitment outsourcing, technology and assessment company, announced today a new name, brand, and logo. The new Amberjack brand reflects the evolution of the business, its strategy and passionate focus on exceeding clients’ needs.

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Ann McCracken: Resilience is this year’s buzz word

Stress management, Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience have all been buzz words for the last few years, but until Senior Management in organisations up and down the country realise the benefits of a physically and emotionally healthy workforce, nothing will change.

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James Bywater: How to create a globally-consistent assessment process

Multinational employers recognise the benefits of standardising core operations and processes across their different countries. IT, finance and marketing were the first to cross national borders. Now, it’s HR’s turn, as global organisations are looking to achieve savings and increase efficiency by implementing more consistent HR processes around the world, including recruitment and assessment.

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