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Employers should learn from Cipriani case

The recent criminal case of Gloucester rugby player, Danny Cipriani, has sparked concern amongst employers unsure of what they would do if an employee was charged or convicted of a criminal offence, an employment lawyer has revealed.

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Paul Russell: So you want to be…an engaging presenter?

You’ve delivered the presentation, your attendees are busy scribbling away at the evaluation cards, what do you think they are writing? ‘Dynamic speaker, kept me interested, learnt a lot’, or perhaps a rather less encouraging ‘the biscuits were good’. Making presentations to external organisations, delivering workshops to new starters, conducting seminars during company training days; presentation skills are particularly relevant for the HR professional. However, not all of us are naturals at bringing others on board for the journey and keeping them interested along the way. At the heart of being effective at imparting information that others retain is engagement, here are our top tips to engage your audience.

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Have you experienced symptoms of burnout due to your career?

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