Special Edition: 2016 Engagement

Jaime Johnson – How to implement positive change in your workplace

The majority of companies run regular employee surveys to measure levels of employee engagement within their workplace. Of course, no HR department worth its salt would simply sit on these results as it would encourage disengagement and a feeling of ‘not being heard’ by their workforce. I find it fascinating to drill down on key results to uncover what is really going on in an organisation and what can sometimes be a blocker for change on a local or national level.

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Robert Leeming: HRreview meets Oracle’s HR evangelist

Andy Campbell is the HCM director at Oracle, an all encompassing role that takes on many different aspects. While responsible for thought leadership within the company, Campbell also works closely with executive teams within Oracle’s strategic customer accounts. Describing his role as something akin to evangelical in style, Campbell is responsible for spreading the message that better analytics and cloud technology can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on HR practice.

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Do you believe that the employees who have not been furloughed are feeling more pressure due to their additional workload?

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