Health @ Work Summit 2010 – Documentation

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The estimated annual cost of poor health amongst our national workforce is £13.2 billion, an average of £666 per employee, making health at work a serious issue. Even a small investment in the health of your employees can pay big dividends for your business; reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity as well as helping to increase motivation and engagement among your workforce.

With the recent introduction of the Fit Note, designed to better manage attendance and stop your employees drifting into long term absence, now is the perfect opportunity to re-assess and kick start your health agenda and improve your bottom line by understanding how to make the Fit Note work for you.

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The “Health @ Work Summit 2010″ conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Session 1

Building Sustainable Wellbeing

Denise Mortimer, Project Manager for Wellbeing and Douglas Smale Project Manager for Wellbeing

Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust

Session 2

Measuring Wellbeing

Bridget Juniper, Researcher

Cranfield University

Session 3

Integrated Healthcare

Laura Kerby, Managing Director, Clinical Products and Services

Nuffield Health

Session 4

Using Wellbeing Initiatives to Tackle Absence

Sarah Barnes, HR Policy and Equalities Manger

Crawley Borough Council

Session 5

Looking at a New Way to Assess Risk and Reduce Injury

Jenny Mason, Occupational Health

Adviser John Lewis

Session 6

Leveraging Workforce Productivity with Ergonomics

Paul Goddard, Senior Consultant

Keytools Ltd

Session 7

Reducing Risk of Injury in a Manufacturing Operation

Caroline Mellor, Occupational Health Adviser


Session 8

Essential Safety Law for HR Professionals

Kathryn Gilbertson, Director, Head of Business Defence

Greenwoods Solicitors LLP

Session 9

Home Cooking is Best!

Duncan Spencer, Divisional Safety Manager


Session 10

Sending People Home with All Their Bits

Terry Tuxford, Head of Operational Experience and Target Zero Programme Manager


Session 11

The Business Case for Managing Stress

Jane Saunders, Occupational Health Manager

SELEX Galileo

Session 12

Recognising and Addressing Increased Levels of Stress

Lorraine Bailey, Group Occupational Health Manager, UK

United Biscuits

Session 13

Line Mangers Involvement in Reducing Stress and Related Absence

Eileen Roddis, Health Safety and Health, Environment Adviser

Vodafone UK

Session 14

Recommendations for Improving Health

Dr Steve Boorman, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Medical Adviser

Royal Mail Group

Session 15

Increasing Rate of Return to Work

Tricia O’Neill, Group Head of Health


Session 16

NICE Guidance

Jane Huntley, Associate Director


Session 17

Introduction and Opening by Conference Chair

Nic Marks, Founder of Centre for Wellbeing new economics


Session 18

The Impact of Recent Recommenda tions for Employers

Ben Willmott, Employee Relations Adviser


Session 19

Developing Winning People for a Winning Business

Dr David Batman, Consultant Occupational Physician, Head of Employee Wellness

Nestlé UK and Ireland

Session 20

Interactive Legal Session

Charles Wynn-Evans, Wynn Partner, Head of Employment Team

Dechert LLP

Session 21

The Legalities of Disability and Discrimination

Louise Fernandes-Owen, Professional Support Lawyer and Jim Wright Partner, Employment and

Pensions Field Fisher

Waterhouse LLP

Session 22

Helen Lockett

Director of Programmes and Performance will outline the importance of training on the management of mental health at work; what training should be focused on and the expected outcomes as well as the background to the development of a nationwide training programme now be run by Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health: Impact on Depression and the training which is now available to organisations.

Session 23

Evidence-Based Interventions

Mark Armour, Operations Director

RehabWorks Ltd

Session 24

Introducing a High Impact Sickness Absence Management Procedure that Delivers Change

Karl Hickman, Divisional HR Manager Barnsley Hospitals NHS

Foundation Trust

Session 25

Practical Steps to Improving Attendance

David Prosser, Strategic Development Manager

AXA PPP Healthcare

Session 26

Promoting the Health of Shift Workers

Nicola MacPherson, Occupational Health Manager

First Group

Session 27

Well Now

Val Stevenson, HR Director


Session 28

Workshop Session Wellbeing

Nic Marks, Founder of Centre for Wellbeing new economics foundation

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