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Emergency First Aid at Work

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Covering the most likely first aid situations, this course is a comprehensive guide to the key aspects of emergency first aid.

Who is the Emergency First Aid at Work – Online Annual Refresher Training Course For?

Anyone who might face first aid situations.


150 minutes. (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).


IIRSM approved*

* Our IIRSM & CPD approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.

What is emergency first aid?  Well, it’s exactly that: the first aid to be offered if an incident occurs. Not many of us are confronted with scenes of blood and gore in our everyday lives – so usually first aid could be as simple as sticking a plaster on a small cut.

But what if you did find yourself confronted with a more serious situation. This emergency first aid course will focus on some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions that you can take to help.

In the most serious situations a first aider's role will be to assess the scene so that accurate information can be passed to emergency services and then to act appropriately to try and increase the patient's odds of survival.

Emergency First Aid at Work - Online Annual Refresher Training Course Modules 

Course Module Module Name Pass % Required
Emergency First Aid at Work - Online Annual Refresher 1 What is First Aid? 70%
" 2 Barriers, ABCDs and the recoveryposition 70%
" 3 CPR and AEDs 70%
" 4 Choking 70%
" 5 Bleeding 70%
" 6 Shock 70%
" 7 Spinal Injuries 70%
" 8 Breaks 70%
" 9 Head Injuries 70%
" 10 Sprains 70%
" 11 Managing an Incident & Record Keeping 70%
" 12 Burns & Scalds 70%
" 13 Electric Shock 70%
" 14 Eye Injuries 70%
" 15 Anaphylaxis and Diabetes 70%
" 16 Heart Attack & Stroke 70%




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