Welcome to our Global Mobility home page

Welcome to the Global Mobility special edition home page. Our special edition runs for a whole week and takes a look at the key international HR and expatriated management issues and trends in 2015.

As organisations become more globalised, the need to employ expatriates for global assignments is ever-increasing. In many corporations based wholly or partly in the UK, international assignments play a pivotal role in succession planning and talent development as well as being an effective means of transferring knowledge, expertise and even corporate culture around the world.

In our special edition download and throughout this week, we bring you the latest thinking from a range of experts and experienced practitioners on what we feel are some of the key expatriate management and global mobility issues facing HR, reward, talent and L&D professionals in 2015.


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Next Special Edition

Our next special edition and focus week runs 22-26 June, when we will be looking at recruitment issues, trends and innovation.

For more information on our special editions, including scheduling, contributing, advertising and sponsorship, please contact the editorial team at editor@hrreview.co.uk or Tony Okbani from our client relations team at tokbani@hrreview.co.uk