The majority of employees wish their working space is quieter than it is now, according to a poll by IRIS Clarity.

A staggering 71 percent of respondents wish their working space was quieter than it is now.

This is more prevalent in the UK (79%) compared to in the US (63%).

Most respondents do not like noise in the office (54%) and actively wear headphones to avoid it.

This compares to 46 percent who feel like some office buzz and noise fuel their creativity.


Gender and age differences

Interestingly, male respondents were more likely to thrive on office noise (53%), whereas female respondents prefer quieter offices (58%).

When comparing the results between ages 18-34 and 35+, those in the younger age bracket prefer atmospheric offices (57%). Those 35 and above don’t like office noise (63%).



When asked how frequently background noise interrupts their calls throughout the day, most respondents said they were disrupted at least once a day on calls they conduct (89% at home and 91% at work).

Additionally, those surveyed said they are more likely to be distracted in the office (54%) compared to at home (46%).

Jacobi Anstruther, founder and CEO of IRIS Clarity, commented: “Whether you love or hate office buzz, it shouldn’t be disrupting crucial conversations on work calls. Distracting noise reduces concentration and productivity, while also causing workplace stress. At IRIS, we ensure the focus remains on what’s important: your words.”





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