Job security for UK employees is on the rise but only one in ten are reported as being happy or motivated according to Edenred, the global pre-pay business.

The results are part of a pan-European survey conducted among 13,600 workers in 14 countries, by Ipsos, which looked into attitudes towards employment and the workplace.

The 2015 Edenred-Ipsos Barometer found that a significant number of UK employees were highly confident in the company’s future (66%) and in their personal future (62%).

The number of people worried about losing their job has fallen to the lowest level since 2012 (26% from 35%). The amount of time spent at work has become as much of a concern as pay levels among UK employees (35% compared to 39%).

However, only 8 percent of employees say their motivation levels at work are high, which is the lowest level since 2012. The number of employees reporting falling motivation levels is the highest it has been in the past four years at 29 percent.

When asked about happiness in the workplace, one third (32%) of UK workers said they were happy at work, this is one of the lowest scores in the 14 countries measured. Less than half (43%) said they were happy with the quality of life at work.

Digital technology in the workplace has had an impact on workers with 51 percent saying it increased their skill level and 48 percent saying it increased their quality of life at work.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director of Edenred UK says:

“Happy and motivated employees help organisations achieve higher levels of performance and inspire others to do the same.

It is clear from our research that UK employers are at risk of missing out on the opportunity to thrive because of apathy among their employees.

It is therefore vital that leaders and managers step up to the challenge of engaging their teams, engaging and involving people through effective communication so they are motivated and happy.

More broadly, it is critical that organisations think the investments they can make so that employee and employer feels the benefit of an improved commercial environment.”