Today is National Stress Awareness dayToday (November 4th) marks the UK’s National Stress Awareness Day, which is now in its 11th year and is organised by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA).

This year’s event is called Stressing the Positives and will aim to offer advice on how HR departments, businesses and individuals can reduce the problem both in the workplace and at home.

According to the Association, stress can be caused by a build-up of pressures in day-to-day life, with redundancies being one cause of the problem.

As part of the day, ISMA stress advisors will be present in selected Boots Pharmacy stores around the country, in addition to a number of other participating organisations, including some Health and Safety Executive offices.

Commenting on the event, Ann McCracken, chair of ISMA, said: "Stress, depression and anxiety accounts for over 13.5 million workdays being lost each year, making it the single biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK."

It was recently reported that the Scottish government has unveiled its Steps for Stress campaign, which aims to offer HR teams and employers to tackle stress in the workplace.