Tech companies are much more likely to provide 'wellbeing workspaces'.

Tech companies are much more likely to provide ‘wellbeing workspaces’

Tech companies are less likely to devote office space to individual employees, instead preferring to tailor floor plans to team working, new research has found.

A report by Bates Smart Architects draws inferences on how technology companies approach workspaces based on the firm’s designs of 60,000 square metres of space over the past seven years.


The report finds tech companies typically allocate about 30 percent of floor space to individual desks, compared to “40-45 percent for non-tech companies”.

This is particularly pronounced among what the study terms ‘established’ technology companies, where as little as one-fifth of floor space might be assigned to individuals.


The study shows technology companies are more likely to value office designs that are open and foster collaboration.

“Up to a quarter of the available floor space is given over to wellbeing and social spaces,” the study said.