shutterstock_35658085As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment. There are many health and safety issues that can occur around the workplace, many of which can be resolved by a number of regular maintenance checks. Here are some important things you need to look out for around the workplace.

Electrical Appliances

It is important to ensure that all electrical equipment is properly tested to ensure that it’s up to scratch and properly working. One way to ensure that all of your appliances are working correctly is to undertake PAT (Portable Appliance Testing). Although PAT is not a legal requirement, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 does state that any electrical equipment that has a potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. This means that it is your responsibility as an employer to check that all equipment is in good working order for your employees to use.

Unchecked equipment can lead to serious injury if it has not been tested for a long period of time, and you may need a professional to check that it will not cause any harm to the user, especially if there is any exposed wiring.

Structural Hazards 

Making sure that the structure of the building is in line with regulations is important to make sure there are no accidents. Ensure things such as uneven flooring are rectified, and that there are no tripping or slipping hazards. Damp is also something that should be looked into; not only is it bad for the health of your employees if it gets really bad, but it can also affect the building itself as it gets worse.

Ceilings and roofs should also be regularly inspected to ensure that there are no leaks or structural damage, as this could affect the rest of the property making for a costly repair if not caught early.

Fire Safety 

Fire safety is extremely important around the workplace and certain measures should be put in place to protect you and your employees. There should be easily accessible fire escapes in a number of different locations around the property, as well as a range of fire extinguishers around the building relevant to your line of work. Appropriate signage should be posted around the building to inform employees of the nearest fire escape, meeting points and nearest fire extinguisher.

Radon and Carbon Monoxide Testing

A legal requirement around the workplace, this kind of testing is important as it affects the health of your employees. Radon gas is a major cause of lung cancer and, as an employer, this should be regularly checked to ensure levels are kept within safe limits. Carbon monoxide is a deathly gas which can lead to fatal results if not kept under check – you should regularly check boilers and heating sources to ensure there are no problems, as well as installing a carbon monoxide alarm which is an absolutely necessary investment.

So now that you know what you need to do to ensure a safe environment for your employees, it is best to book in a few maintenance checks with the relevant companies to make sure that your workplace is up to standard.

This post was written by Ekta Mair who understands the importance of workplace safety, which is why she uses Britannia Test & Measurement for all of her PAT testing. Working quickly and efficiently they cause minimal disruption to the workplace environment and ensure everything is checked thoroughly.