Research undertaken by Personal injury lawyers show the level of awareness employees have regarding the health and safety processes that currently exist in their place of work.

Almost 1,561 employees were surveyed on a number of issues related to health and safety processes at their workplace. On querying about their knowledge of printed health and safety records at their place of work, around 49% of them admitted of not having noticed its presence, in spite of working in a firm engaging at least 5 employees.

Regarding the level of awareness related to the health and safety processes at workplace, research participants were asked to reply by saying ‘very knowledgeable’, ‘moderately knowledgeable’ or being ‘unaware’.

Around 73% of the surveyed employees replied to be ‘unaware’ of health and safety processes followed at their place of work, which was quite disturbing. In relation to this just 6% replied to be ‘very knowledgeable’.

Employees during the course of the research were also asked if they felt that their organization was effectual in shielding them from health and safety threats at their workplace.

In reply to this question over half i.e. 53% of the employees replied in the negative.
Probing further, employees were also asked if they knew whether their firms had designated health and safety managers particularly for conforming to the health and safety processes at their workplace.

Less than one-third of the surveyed employees confirmed the presence of these managers at their firms while 15% had no idea of the presence of these health and safety managers at their workplace.

On further questioning, just 20% of the employees confirmed to knowing the fire safety processes that were followed at their workplace while 25% of them admitted of knowing where the first aid boxes were kept.

Reacting on the research findings done by, their creator Nicholas Tate remarked on the significance of health and safety laws and the necessity to follow related processes.

However, he also stated that these processes could only be successful if employees are knowledgeable of the health and safety processes that exist at their place of work.