Money worries could be behind worker anxietyThe Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has noted that debt problems can lead to emotional issues, which may be a factor in employee stress.

Una Farrell, spokeswoman for the financial advice charity, called for more research to be carried out regarding the link between money difficulties and mental health.

In her view, this type of problem has always been around, but the recession has brought it to the fore.

She explained that plenty of people who go to the CCCS for money advice suffer from emotional problems.

Ms Farrell said: “There have always been people who have come to us who are very distressed, but it is time now to do something about it.”

The CCCS representative suggested the two problems will often go “hand in hand”.

Managers in HR or recruitment wishing to find out more about the causes of anxiety among workers could attend the Stress Prevention & Mental Wellbeing Forum 2011 on April 7th next year.

Posted by Ross George