Men are more likely to take time off work due to illness, according to a new studyA new study has revealed that men are four times more likely to be absent from work through sickness, with work-related stress driving some workers to ill health and alcoholism.

Research from health insurance provider Medicash found that 20 per cent of 3,000 male employees quizzed admitted to having taken at least two days off work within the last month due to worries over their job.

"Workplace stress can be damaging on any level, affecting both the employee and employer," said Medicash chief executive Sue Weir. "Bosses have a duty of care and responsibility to look after their workforce."

However, the survey also concluded that women are more susceptible to stress-related illnesses, with 69 per cent complaining of regular headaches and 57 per cent experiencing difficulty sleeping.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that staff at Conwy council in north Wales took more than 12,000 sick days last year, costing the local authority in excess of £1 million.

Posted by Hayley Edwards