Virgin airlines are working alongside medical services provider Healix International to provide medical claims management to Virgin Atlantic flight crew wherever they are in the world, reinforcing their goals of safety, security and consistent delivery on long haul flights.

Finance manager of Virgin Atlantic, James Couch said: “The wellbeing of our employees is absolutely fundamental to our delivering a fantastic service to our customers.

“And this new arrangement with Healix International gives us the confidence of knowing that we are doing everything possible to look after employees wherever they are in the world. If an employee falls ill or has an accident while abroad, they will have access to high-quality medical expertise 24/7 as well as a specialist network of medical providers and facilities and, of course, repatriation services where needed.”

This new scheme aims to included range of expertise and services from Healix International, aligned to the airline’s routes and crew accommodation on each of those routes.

This includes its end-to-end service to look after an employee who is taken ill abroad, whether they need local medical attention or to be repatriated by a qualified nurse, this practice aims ensure that the individual’s medical concerns are addressed urgently and delay in getting treatment arranged and paid for via a cashless settlement facility.