Bosses advised to take stress seriouslyA TV doctor is advising employers about the importance of dealing with stress and how the workplace is a key component of this problem.

Dr Christian Jessen, who presents Supersize vs Superskinny and Embarrassing Bodies for Channel 4, suggested that employees should "put their foot down" and say their health comes first.

He also stated that it is ok for someone to ask for help when they are struggling to cope.

The expert indicated that short breaks to help staff recuperate are a sensible way to help boost individual productivity in the workplace.

"There is the silly old tradition of ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘grin and bear it’, but we know that that is not very healthy at all," he added.

Meanwhile, research by Bonjela revealed that 40 per cent of the UK workforce is getting stressed out up to six times a day.

Furthermore, it appears that rather than big issues such as taking an exam or moving house, everyday problems such as traffic jams are the biggest cause for personal unrest.

By Colette Paxton