Ryan Air has come under the scanner for their safety measures after a case of negligence by their staff was reported. The behaviour of their staff did not go down too well with Per-Erik Johnson and his daughter when they were travelling from London to Stockholm.

The crew failed to realize that Mr. Johnson was suffering from a heart attack. They took things lightly as they thought it is just a case of low blood pressure. His daughter was the only one who came to his rescue. After a few failed attempts, a slap on his chest worked and he started breathing again.

The crew had abandoned the duo completely and helped them only when his daughter helplessly screamed for a doctor when her father’s health deteriorated. The exhibition of inhumanity went to another level when they charged them for a sandwich and a drink that was given to him.

The question that arises here is whether such companies are following the EU Regulations, which clearly point out that all the flight attendants are to be well aware of the first aid that is to be provided at the time of an emergency.

It doesn’t stop there, The Health and Safety Regulations, also specifies that the companies are to provide a four day course to all the employees keeping in mind the safety of the passengers and co-workers. A HSE approved course has also been planned for the same.

Isobel Kearl stresses on the fact that nothing can be worse than a person suffering due to lack of first aid can. He urges all the companies to respect the lives of their co-workers and passengers and get their staff equipped with the knowledge of first aid.