Search and talent consultancy, Wickland Westcott, has launched a new online reporting tool to give clients instant access to confidential information and provide a secure, off-site location where they can house sensitive material.

The new portal, which is based on a cloud computer system, enables Wickland Westcott consultants to upload client reports promptly following interviews and assessments, providing clients with more timely feedback.

The system offers far more robust levels of security than traditional reporting methods, as it is based outside of clients’ networks and can only be accessed by authorised personnel via a unique login.

Melissa Davis, talent consultant at Wickland Westcott, said: “The system is completely secure, so the risk of information falling into the wrong hands is greatly reduced. The portal enables us to feed back to our clients even quicker and, most importantly, reduces email traffic of a sensitive nature, which can be difficult to manage confidentially within a company network.

“It offers far greater efficiency, as all client information in stored in one place, making it much easier for clients to retrieve and refer back to previous reports when they need to.”

Stephen Taylor, HR director at WorldPay, said: “The new reporting system made the whole feedback process hassle-free and much more secure. It’s reassuring to know that all confidential and sensitive information is stored securely by Wickland Westcott, but that we can access it instantly as and when required”