New initiative allows companies to switch immediately to vacancy filler at no additional cost to current contract.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, leading supplier of online recruitment systems, is offering existing users of applicant tracking systems (ATS) from other suppliers the option to upgrade to Vacancy Filler immediately without any additional cost during the life of their current contract.

Companies across all sectors who are not entirely happy with their existing systems, but who do not want to invest in a new system until the contract with their current ATS provider expires, will be able to implement the Vacancy Filler online system and begin using it immediately, without incurring extra expenditure.

Andy Pau, Operations Director, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, said,

“Many organisations invest in an online recruitment system, but find that they either outgrow their existing supplier, require functionality that their current provider cannot offer or simply feel the need for a change.

The contract with your current software provider should not hold you back from enhancing your recruitment process further.  If your ATS simply ‘does the job’ and you don’t absolutely love it, then it’s time to move away from your current provider.”

At the end of the contract with their existing supplier, the customer simply renews with Vacancy Filler on terms agreed in advance.

Andy added, “Companies tell us that they like the highly configurable, feature-rich and scalable nature of the Vacancy Filler product; however sometimes they can’t switch for months or even years as they are tied into a contract with another supplier and don’t want to ‘double buy.’  This new initiative from Vacancy Filler means that obstacle is now removed.”

He continued, “Vacancy Filler offers a simple yet highly configurable ATS with a range of functionality including approval management, social media and job board integration, the ability to build and nurture talent pools and automated interview management.  Our on-boarding module is also proving to maximise our clients’ ROI more than ever before.  We are looking forward to adding to the number of companies that have already taken us up on our offer. ”