A new website has been launched by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) which could help staff who feel they have been the victim of workplace discrimination.

The ‘Basic Rights @ Work’ microsite is designed to help vulnerable workers in particular – defined as those who have little knowledge of their employment rights, find it hard to access advice and who do not have the ability to protect themselves against abuses of their rights.

It will provide them with information about employment rights in the UK and how to enforce these rights through statutory enforcement bodies.

“Thousands of people around the UK are exploited at work every day because the law is not strong enough to prevent mistreatment and rogue bosses use gaps in employment protection to treat their staff badly,” said TUC deputy general secretary Frances O’Grady.

“Vulnerable workers – especially in low-paid sectors, such as care, cleaning, hospitality, security and construction – can find themselves working excessively long hours, sometimes with no contract of employment. Their work can be insecure and they are regularly paid below the minimum wage.”

Information provided by the site will include details about basic rights – such as the National Minimum Wage, working time and annual leave entitlements – and advice on how to enforce rights at work.

“Unions have a proven track record in stopping unscrupulous employers from exploiting vulnerable workers. This website will be a vital tool to help workers and their union reps secure a fair deal at work,” added Ms O’Grady.