TSSI to Showcase Validate at ACPO-APA International Policing Exhibition

29 June, 2009 – TSSI, the leading supplier of biometrics and ID document verification solutions, today announced the launch of its latest software offering, Validate, the pre-employment ID checker. Validate promises to streamline recruitment with more efficient ID document verification and will be demonstrated at this year’s ACPO-APA International Policing Exhibition in Manchester.

The number of foreign national workers in the UK has risen from 1.66 million to 2.32 million in the last three years. With such a large increase in the employment of foreign nationals, it is vital that businesses ensure the correct documentation is in place to avoid harsh penalties. Employees are now legally obliged to check the entitlement of their staff to work in the UK and any caught hiring illegal workers could face an on the spot fine of £10,000.

Validate provides a simple, cost effective solution for police and governmental offices, human resources departments, employment agencies and any other organisations recruiting foreign nationals wishing to easily verify ID documentation and ensure workers are eligible to work in the UK. Validate works by checking the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), expiry date and RFID chip on a passport. It will also check the document security features under a variety of light sources using UV, IR, White and Coaxial light before storing the scanned ID document onto a database. Validate can also be used by police to authenticate driving licenses, passports and Visa documents.

Validate software works in conjunction with TSSI’s range of document readers. The software integrates with both the Full Page Reader desktop readers and a Portable Reader. The Portable Reader is an ideal application for use by the police forces who want to carry out spot checks on individuals’ ID documents.

“It is important for any business, as well as police and government offices, to verify the ID documentation of all their workers. It streamlines the recruitment process and helps provide business security as well,” said John Barker, General Manager, TSSI Systems. “Validate provides the ideal solution: a high standard of secure verification software which is both highly advanced yet cost effective.”

TSSI will be demonstrating the Validate software at the ACPO-APA Summer Conference and International Policing Exhibition on 8-9 July alongside its range of passport scanners. Other products on show will be TSSI’s Verid+ fingerprint biometrics for secure access control and basic time and attendance, its Morvin VIN analysis solution for checking vehicle VIN numbers, as well as Imprivata’s OneSign solution designed to simplify access to networks and desktop applications.

TSSI Systems will be exhibiting at ACPO-APA on 8-9 July, Stand G11, Manchester Central.