Functional Movement

Perform, the world-class human performance, sports and exercise medicine and rehabilitation centre at the heart of the St. George’s Park, the FA’s £100m National Football Centre, today unveiled a range of corporate packages to equip any employee with the skills to thrive in today’s challenging corporate world. 

Perform is using its world-class facility and experts to design a fantastic corporate wellbeing programme to help organisations improve the performance of their employees, through tailored corporate experiences in an environment which is designed for some of the world’s top athletes, including England’s football and rugby teams.  

The packages will provide organisations with a fun and challenging team experience that will give their employees long-lasting guidance on improving their physical and psychological performance.  The experience will include a mini health screen giving insights on how your body functions; this will include a functional movement screen, a cardio health test, a nutritional assessment, an anthropometric analysis and a reaction test.  

We have also incorporated tailored workshops from leading sports and corporate performance psychologist, Jeremy Snape. His combined experience of being a successful International cricketer and coach enables him to provide innovative performance ideas for teams and leaders through interactive workshops tailored to focus on distinct areas of business:

  • Perform Team Challenge – exploring the psychology and high performing teams and providing well-being activities which will encourage healthy competition and maximise a team’s effectiveness
  • Perform Executive Challenge – equipping executives with the health interventions and mental skills to perform at their best under pressure
  • Perform Leaders Challenge – combining game changing tips from the world’s elite coaches with tailored wellbeing screening to raise your leadership impact.

Dorian Dugmore, Director of Corporate Wellbeing at Perform said: “It’s not just in sports that we find high-performance teams. In today’s competitive work environment people are often pushed to their limits. Employee well-being is essential to continued business growth, especially when it is estimated that illness at work costs UK employers over £10 billion a year. We also focus on giving organisations the understandings needed to ensure their attending workforce is working to full capacity and that their minds and bodies are fired in the right way. With this in mind, the packages we offer at Perform provide organisations with the tools they need to help their employees improve their health and wellbeing and manage stress allowing them to perform better and resulting in higher levels of motivation, and productivity in their day-to-day performance.”
Perform is part of Spire Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading private hospital groups with 38 hospitals across the UK. Perform is open to all and can provide any visitor to St. George’s Park with sports science and training facilities to help them reach their physical and mental potential and perform beyond their expectations.

St. George’s Park is the training base for 24 England teams, the home of coaching education and a hub of activity for the local community. Over 800 elite coaches will be trained and qualified each year at St. George’s Park, helping to develop and nurture future talent.