New ‘Digital Marketing Capability Analysis’ tool measures employee competency and confidence

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has teamed up with Cognisco, a leading provider of intelligent employee assessments, to offer a ‘diagnostic tool kit’ for digital marketers which will measure their competency levels in performing their roles.

The ‘Digital Marketing Capability Analysis’ tool offered by Cognisco is part of the CIM’s diagnostic suite of employee assessment tools and is designed for digital marketers at practitioner level and above.

It measures a unique combination of knowledge, competence and confidence, giving managers an insight into an individual’s knowledge and understanding about their jobs as well as their knowledge gaps and specific training needs. It will also highlight ‘star performers’ – talented individuals that could be used in other areas of the business.

David Thorp, Director of Research and Development at The Chartered Institute of Marketing comments, “We have launched this assessment in partnership with Cognisco to meet demand for digital marketing assessment and training. Digital marketing is changing fast and it is vital that marketers’ skills are fresh and up to date so they can maximise new business opportunities in this space.”

Mary Clarke, CEO of Cognisco says, “We are delighted to partner with CIM in the provision of a digital marketing assessment. In this rapidly changing market place, employers must have insight into the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence of their marketing colleagues. Digital marketing is becoming an essential component of a company’s marketing efforts. However, it is evolving quickly in line with technology advances so it is necessary for managers to understand where skills gaps lie so they can improve knowledge through targeted training and intervention.”

The online assessment tool takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and covers areas such as implementing and planning a social media campaign; implementing SEO and search advertising; writing and influencing blogs and online advertising. The assessment takes the form of online multiple response and scenario-based questions.

The full assessment takes up to five hours to complete although participants will only complete the modules that are relevant to them. The cost is £75 plus VAT per user.