Organisations need to reassess their approach to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems according to a report published by leading HR and payroll solutions provider, MidlandHR. Based on its own experience and referring to the findings of leading industry analysts, the report suggests that organisations adhering to the single vendor ERP model may be missing out on new functionality that can drastically improve performance.

The concept of one single, integrated system to serve all of an organisation’s core functions has been around for many years. But the report highlights that the single vendor ERP system has often failed to live up to expectations and incurred heavy and on-going costs. More recently the traditional ERP systems have come under fire for not being flexible enough and failing to keep pace with technological changes.

The report suggests that organisations might be better off enhancing their core ERP functionality with specialist cloud-based solutions. In the world of HR, for example, specialist systems can help the HR department achieve their objectives in a way that more generalist systems aren’t built to do. A key enabler has been cloud computing which has made it relatively quick and easy to implement specialist applications and integrate with existing systems.

Matthew Jenkins, managing director of MidlandHR, thinks that organisations need to take a look at their technology and question whether it is holding them back: “Time and again we hear about business departments that are struggling to do their job with inadequate, out-dated technology. Specialist solutions are developing at a rapid pace and delivering real benefits very quickly. This is perhaps most prevalent in the HR industry where specialist talent management and HR systems are opening up more opportunities for organisations.

“Specialist solution providers like MidlandHR are totally committed to their area of expertise and are constantly driving forward their offerings.”

The publication of the report coincides with MidlandHR being awarded Payroll Product of the Year at the Payroll World Awards for its iTrent product. “iTrent is a great example of how specialist solutions can achieve excellent results for organisations,” Jenkins continues. “The Payroll World Award sits alongside our other recent accolades from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) which demonstrate our continued commitment to our specialist solutions.”

The report, “How postmodern ERP can make your business better”, is available from MidlandHR’s website,