PageGroup, the specialist recruitment company, has recently pledged to the government gender equality initiative, Think, Act, Report, to help steer its diversity and inclusion programmes.

Think, Act, Report provides businesses with a step-by-step framework to gender equality in the workplace, including recruitment, retention, promotion and pay. PageGroup plans to use the Think Act Report framework to identify more effective ways to close the gender gap and encourage positive change in the workplace.

Sarah Kirk, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director, said: “Pledging to Think Act Report is a fantastic way for PageGroup to be held accountable for its diversity and inclusion promises, such as closing the gender gap and ensuring all employees are treated fairly in the workplace.”

In 2012, PageGroup launched Women@Page globally to improve gender balance at levels in the company and help female employees continue to grow their careers.

Mrs Kirk explains: “By focusing on retaining and developing our female talent pipeline, we quickly saw an increase in employee engagement and improved employee retention. We now have more women in senior roles and more new mothers resuming their careers with us, often with flexible working arrangements.”

Building on this success, PageGroup launched OpenPage in 2014 – its global commitment to diversity in the workplace.

“From our positive experiences with Women@Page, we are widening our diversity & inclusion work to include age, disability, sexual orientation, families and carers and race. OpenPage allows us to maintain a business rich of diverse people, talent and ideas and helps us to create an inclusive environment in which diverse employees can work together, feel valued and supported, and in turn, add value to the business,” Mrs Kirk concludes.