Bute Coaching Ltd, the leading expert in Business and Management Coaching, is launching a new ‘one to one’ coaching programme to help professionals achieve their work goals and ultimately increase their business performance.

The ‘one to one’ coaching sessions have been piloted over the last few months and after a successful soft launch are now going to be rolled out across London and the rest of the country starting from October onwards.

Margo Manning, MD of Bute Coaching, explains the reasoning behind the new Bute ‘one to one’ coaching programme:

“Regardless of who is being coached, they will have the same goal – to increase performance. These performance enhancements may come in various forms, from a manager preparing for a promotion to an MD working on the need to cut costs and resources and looking for options other than head loss. Whatever the situation our unique programme of ‘one to one’ coaching sessions will provide solutions and get results.”

Indeed, the ‘one to one’ sessions will present those individuals with the tools to tackle such issues as:

 The need to cut costs and resources
 Implementing change
 Preparing for promotion
 Business performance
 Individual performance
 Business morale
 Managing increased workloads
 Increasing sales
 Challenging existing thinking and values

Margo adds: “Being able to discuss your concerns and issues with an expert coach whose only agenda is to facilitate your success can be a very powerful business tool. Sometimes we get too close to our day-to-day work, and the bigger picture suddenly becomes blurred, which is when concerns get bigger, objectives get distorted, and results simply don’t happen.”

With Bute’s ‘one-to-one’ coaching programme, delivered by Margo and her team of experts, results do happen, as Hamish McDermid, IT Director at Southern Housing Group, and one of Bute’s first ‘one-to-one’ candidates, explains:

“Having recently stepped onto the first rung of the executive ladder I knew I needed to reassess myself and my goals. I did not hesitate when Margo suggested ‘one to one’ coaching sessions as I’ve always found Margo’s approach to be very effective. She has helped me to focus on those competencies that will really make the difference between an OK manager and a great manager.

He continues: “Margo and her team aren’t afraid to challenge my assumptions and comfort zones and as a result I have been able to recognise the ‘slacker’ within that has the ability to undermine my best intentions at times. The key to resolving this has been understanding that it is a conscious choice to be the person I want and, indeed, need to be if I want to be effective. In addition to the personal insights gained I’ve also picked up some great practical tools and techniques to support the personal changes I am making. And changes to the way the IT team delivers services. I am very happy to recommend Bute’s ‘one-to-one’ coaching programme and will continue to use Bute to help me focus on what’s important.”

Since being part of Bute’s ‘one to one’ programme, Hamish has seen real and measureable improvement and responsiveness to business demand through time and task management skills developed through the coaching.

Margo concludes: “Our new programme will help professionals like Hamish in increasing their productivity, and make that business picture clearer, with increasing performance being the main focus and drive.”