TEC Concepts has launched a new course which integrates the principles of Six Sigma, Kaizen and Lean Enterprise. The course, Six Sigma Plus, has been developed after years of implementing the three business strategies in a wide variety of organisations.

The Six Sigma Plus programme is designed and scheduled as a series of 5 x 2-day training sessions to ensure that the practitioners make use of their newly acquired skills immediately whilst receiving support from their own teams and TEC’s mentors, (six sigma black-belts). The process uses a mixture of classroom, workshop and mentored project-based learning.

Each programme will qualify 6–12 six sigma Green Belts and will identify natural leaders who can progress to six sigma Black Belts. The process engages with top management via Six Sigma Champion training supported by Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. This is then followed by a structured series of in-company two-day training courses following the DMAIC cycle and supported by mentoring workshops for the designated Green Belt practitioners.

In conjunction with the interactive training sessions, the designated Green Belts actively focus on previously identified Six Sigma breakthrough projects. Successful candidates (upon completion of a project and evidence of the realisation of savings) are awarded their Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioner certificate.

The Programme can be delivered both as private (in-company) and public courses, both of which are designed to: i) deploy the methodology within delegates’ businesses; ii) achieve Six Sigma levels of performance; and iii) enable individuals to enhance their careers.

TEC has a broad range of experience in a variety of business processes, having worked with many people and companies over recent years. Its unique approach aims to both support and accelerate the progress of the projects – with tools and techniques to optimise process performance, reduce costs, consolidate gains and increase bottom line profitability & effectiveness.

Dave Bull, director of TEC, said: “Six Sigma, Kaizen and Lean each have their unique benefits. We have taken the best aspects of each, those which deliver a real, measurable business advantage, and combined them to give an interesting and highly applicable course.

“I am looking forward to working with companies in manufacturing, retail and healthcare, helping them to improve their business processes and deliver a real business improvement.”

The pursuit of excellence is a never-ending journey that boosts profitability and business growth in the face of austerity. TEC’s practical improvement method fuses Kaizen, Lean Enterprise with Six Sigma coupled with a modern, visual and process-based approach to quality management systems.

This powerful synergy has helped TEC clients to achieve and consolidate high levels of effectiveness and performance and empower their workforce. It has also helped them to attract new business as a direct result and to continue their journey when the consultants are no longer around.