X-Genics, a provider of compliance software to businesses, professional groups and public-sector organisations, today announces a new suite of eManager compliance software products to be created in collaboration with the customer services team at Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust. The collaboration with the team at the west London-based NHS Trust will help make it easier to comply with regulation requirements, initially dealing with Freedom of Information requests, Complaints Handling and PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service).

Customised for the PCT environment, the products will ensure that anyone who uses them is guaranteed to follow correct procedures and records details consistently and exactly how the team wants. The system includes easy to configure reports, which will enable rapid analysis of, for example, response times, benchmarking, performance, decisions made and full audit trails. This promises to be far more cost-effective than rival products on the market and will result in considerable time savings for management and staff.

eManager is a simple to use, interactive, expert system which enables any member of staff in an organisation to handle allocated procedures, from risk management or staff appraisal to disciplinary action, without any training or prior knowledge of rules, policies or legislation.

X-Genics will work with the Customer Services team at Kensington and Chelsea PCT in the coming weeks to ensure the Trust obtains maximum benefit from the newest version of eManager. This was unveiled in February 2010 with additional functionality to enable organisations with multi-site operations to ensure regulatory and corporate governance compliance on all their sites in real time.

With the addition of central monitoring functionality, the latest version of eManager enables managers to see at a glance how every site is performing on a minute-by-minute basis without sending out audit teams. Any failures in risk assessments or health and safety matters can be identified immediately and addressed, while performance can be analysed centrally and continuously.

Bharat Patel, CEO of X-Genics, commented: “Working with Kensington and Chelsea PCT gives us an opportunity to show what eManager is really capable of in the healthcare sector, where the need for quality is extremely high. In addition, we will be able to demonstrate to other the PCTs how it is possible to raise operating standards and efficiency and still achieve dramatic cost savings. With the usability improvements in the updated version, we have one of the most advanced expert compliance systems in the desktop software market.”

Steven Waweru, Customer Services Manager at Kensington and Chelsea PCT, said: “What managers need is a simple and efficient system rather than complex products that require considerable training and steep learning curves. eManager gives us exactly what we need in a compact package, combined with easy reporting, and at a fraction of the price of rival systems. We are delighted to work with X-Genics on this opportunity to improve efficiency while minimising costs.”

Bharat Patel added: “We are excited about the further developments which we have planned for the sophisticated management information systems around this unique concept. Our software assists management teams in ensuring compliance across all sites on a daily basis, and the latest version of eManager further enables this high level of real-time assessment.”