2012 will see a fundamental shift in the recruitment patterns of UK businesses and open up more opportunities for consultants according to Huw Hilditch-Roberts, Director in charge of the Institute of Consulting (IC).

Huw believes that the Eurozone crisis plunging Britain back into recession and the uncertain economic outlook will lead to a greater number of businesses hiring skills on demand rather than adding permanent employees onto their headcount.

Huw comments, “Recruiting skills on demand is a growing business trend that will accelerate this year, given the fact there is great uncertainty ahead and businesses are cautious. Consultants will be required to work with companies in the UK and internationally, but more than ever, businesses will be looking for people who can demonstrate genuine value add and budgets will be tight.”

“A growth area for consultants is working with SME businesses – where they can work alongside CEOs/MDs to help them meet their challenges and growth targets. Another area is the Olympics which is a real flagship event for British consultants. But, to win work this year, consultants will need to work harder than ever; they shouldn’t depend on networking alone to find new projects and when they are in front of clients, they must demonstrate they have done their homework and are armed with all the information they need.”

“We want to make it easier for businesses to find quality, cost effective consultants so we are launching the UK’s first National Register of consultants this year. This will provide a definitive list of quality, vetted consultants that businesses can access. We will be working closely with procurers behind the scenes to make it easier than ever for them to source the right consultants at the right price and communicate the value that our members can deliver.”