Welfare-to-work provider Ingeus has been working with Gordon Ramsay Holdings to help with their recruitment and support local unemployed people into work. The partnership has seen the two organisations working closely to support local unemployed people – their message is that despite tough economic times, there is support out there for those who want to get back to work.

The strength of the relationship between Ingeus and Gordon Ramsay Holdings comes from their shared commitment to get London working. Gordon Ramsay Holdings has already employed 21 Ingeus clients since July 2010, many of whom have been out of work for some time. Following this success, Ingeus was recently asked to design and deliver a recruitment day for the opening of the new Savoy Grill restaurant.
Tony Carr, Head of Employer Partnerships, Ingeus, commented:

“The relationship between Ingeus and Gordon Ramsay Holdings has been a real success. It has been a pleasure to work with an organisation that shares our values and is truly committed to working with the local community. No matter what your background, or how long you have been out of work, there’s no reason why a fantastic job with a good employer is not within your grasp provided you are given the right support.”

Ian, 42, is one of Gordon Ramsay Holdings’ latest recruits from Ingeus. Ian was made redundant in 2008 after spending more than a decade working as a bus conductor. Despite many years of experience, Ian’s CV didn’t do justice to his skills or employment history. After coming to Ingeus, Ian’s advisor helped him to polish his CV and sharpen his interview skills. After intensive training, including workshops and mock interviews, Ian’s hard work paid off and he was offered the position of runner at the Savoy Grill. The timing couldn’t have been better as Ian’s new daughter was born just a few weeks after starting his new job. Ian said:

“I’m chuffed to be working at Gordon Ramsay Holdings – it’s made a lot of changes to my life. There’s a good atmosphere and all the staff are good to get on with – I now enjoy getting up and going to work. Now I have the chance to work full-time again, my monthly wage will help me to bring up my new-born daughter”.

Ingeus has a large pool of talented people who are committed to getting back to work, which employers across the country can take advantage of. It’s clear that unemployed people across the UK are reaping the benefits of Ingeus’ partnerships with great employers like Gordon Ramsay Holdings.