Globoforce, has recently launched Globoforce Mobile. Globoforce Mobile ensures employee recognition and appreciation keeps pace with commendable employee behaviours and performance.

As managers and team members travel and work in today’s fast-paced business world, there is often a time gap following a recognition moment. With Globoforce Mobile, managers and peers can give, receive, approve, and redeem recognition awards anywhere, anytime, thereby ensuring strong performance and desired behaviours never get missed or remembered incorrectly. Through recognition that is timely, values-driven, and open to all employees, companies build more connected and fully engaged workforces. Added to the company’s innovations of being first to market with Social Recognition, Recognition In*telligence, and Recognition Benchmark Index, Globoforce Mobile brings the first fully integrated mobile application to the employee recognition industry and the world’s leading global companies.

“Tomorrow’s successful HR leaders will be the ones who embrace social and mobile technologies today,” said Jim Holincheck, managing vice president, Gartner, Inc. “These new technologies enable real-time employee connectivity and interaction across dispersed workforces, which can drive greater employee engagement, productivity, and ROI. As more companies adopt social and mobile into their HR functions, including employee recognition, they will benefit from the real-time view into employee performance and corporate culture.”

Globoforce’s Strategic Recognition platform is the first HR application to deliver measurable value from social media and mobile devices in a fully secure environment. With today’s workforce geographically dispersed and constantly ‘on-the-go’, many recognition moments get missed. The result is a squandered opportunity to reinforce the desired behaviours and performance that transform a company’s culture. Globoforce Mobile demonstrates to employees their value in real time, shrinking the distance between valued contributions and appreciation. In addition, with Globoforce Mobile, employees who have received a recognition award can immediately access Globoforce Ex*change, the world’s largest global rewards portfolio, shortening the time from achievement to memorable reward.