dp (digital publishing) the global provider of award winning corporate language training (CLT), has announced its newly created language product portfolio and learning platform to deliver an improved user experience.

Available with the upcoming autumn release, dp’s language learning suite called Speexx will set the standard for excellence in language training and improve the business communication skills of a global workforce.

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of dp, commented, “Speexx is our new and innovative range of language training products and services. It will give our customers global access to an exciting blend of learning solutions to help their staff learn a new language and use it in a business environment. The launch goes beyond just a name change. For millions of language students around the world, Speexx is a game-changer in language learning. It delivers a next generation enhanced software environment, improved administration facilities, and a great online and offline learning experience. What’s more, Speexx is built upon 17 years’ experience of providing cutting edge, engaging language courseware, teacher-led activities, guided student collaboration and flexible administration tools to 7 million students worldwide.”

dp works with many of the fortune 1,000 companies across 80 countries and is well positioned to help their customers assemble a learning package which takes into account the local cultural, technical and legal issues.

The Speexx course options are an optimised blend of world-class tutoring services, practice tools and online language learning courseware. The platform is easy to use, engaging and fun for users, delivers measurable results, and offers the standards and scalability that large organizations are looking for.

The Speexx language learning suite includes five elements:

• Speexx Basic: Speexx basic is a completely self-paced training system based on a globally accepted assessment and quality assurance system. It provides accelerated time-to-value with easy setup, fast integration in learning and performance management systems and fast user adaption. This includes personalized learning paths; 1000+ hours accent reduction with “the best speech recognition tool available”; real life tutor with high-resolution videos; Intelligent Error Parsing System gives teacher-like feedback on individual mistakes; bilingual dictionary; Print-Your-Own-Textbook feature; and easy-to-use reporting and administration tools; plus 24/7 technical and integration support.

• Speexx Coach: award-winning choice for students who require a flexible course schedule and need to work at their own pace. Expert tutors guide every student through a fully personalized learning path – just like a personal trainer.

• Speexx Live: online access to expert, local tutors and group class room style tuition – with no need to travel.

• Speexx Phone: perfect blend of self-paced online learning, business coaching support by experienced native speakers and scheduled one-on-one intensive phone communication sessions for executives or staff on the move.

• Speexx Class: connects face-to-face instruction in the classroom with the flexibility of Europe’s most successful online courseware and a personal online tutor, available 24 hours a day.

Hopp added, “Other language training companies still continue to offer e-Learning programmes – but that only goes part way to delivering effective language training. To really put knowledge into practice – the training must be supported by skilled teachers and not just a software programme. That is why we deliver a range of tailored, on the ground classroom support and virtual learning solutions, backed up with e-Learning tools to help individuals practice their vocabulary, grammar and build their confidence. Our blended and global approach takes into account people’s busy work schedules and delivers the best possible format to deliver tangible results.”