The CBI commented today (Thursday) on the UK’s default retirement age, in light of a High Court hearing on whether employers should be able to make certain staff retire at the age of 65.

CBI research shows over 8 out of 10 people who ask to work beyond 65 have their request accepted by their employer.

Katja Hall, the CBI’s Director of HR Policy, said:

“The two main benefits of having a default retirement age are that it helps staff think about when it is right to retire, and helps employers plan more confidently for the future.

“Under the current arrangements, anyone can ask to work beyond the age of 65, and their employer must consider their request. Our research shows 81 per cent of these requests are accepted. Companies don’t want to lose good people, whatever their age.

“In certain jobs, often physically demanding ones, working beyond the age of 65 just isn’t possible for some people. Companies with small numbers of staff have particular problems adapting jobs to the needs of older workers.

“Without a workable alternative, it would be wrong to scrap the current arrangements.”