Self-service knowledgebase set to improve internal communications and reduce pressure on HR team

Transversal has been appointed by integrated support services company, Carillion, to deliver a self-service, HR knowledgebase to the company’s 17,000 UK employees. The solution, which is the result of a joint offering between Transversal and Carillion’s existing IT services provider, Wipro, to ensure employees receive immediate answers by encouraging them to serve themselves online.

Through a series of email bulletins, newsletters and team meetings the Carillion team has encouraged employees to use the portal – named AskHR – as the first point of call for all HR queries. As a result, despite only being installed on July 1st 2014, the system has already received 5,000 internal enquiries ensuring employees receive an immediate response to their questions.

“As a business we have grown massively over the past 10 years and we wanted to ensure that all our employees – new and existing – received consistent responses to their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” said Hannah Doughty, Head of HR Service Delivery at Carillion. “With a lot of staff working irregular hours we wanted to ensure they had access to the same resources, at any time, in any location, as our 9-5 team.”

Having already accrued around 1,000 knowledge articles employees are able to find responses to a number of HR related issues at the click of a button. Using a 360 degree feedback loop – that allows employees to rate responses – Carillion’s HR team is then able to ‘plug’ any knowledge gaps in real time.

“With the acceleration of technology showing no signs of slowing down employees are demanding internal portals that allow them to serve themselves” said Pablo Castillo, Manager at Transversal. “We are delighted that Carillion has chosen to work with us to deliver a self-service portal that meets the growing expectations of employees”.

“When selecting a HR technology provider it can be difficult to match the internal requirements of both the business and its employees, with a one size fits all solution” added Neelaksh Singla, Head, HRO Business at Wipro. “AskHR was chosen for this project as it provides a flexible portal that does not need heavyweight IT/coding skills to update and modify the knowledgebase. The solution is easy to set up and has the built in flexibility to allow Carillion to adapt it to its preferences both now and in the future.”