Accero, the payroll software provider, has announced the appointment of Sean Fallon as Chief Executive Officer. Mr Fallon has succeeded Tom Malone, Accero’s founding CEO, to help steer the company through a new stage of growth and development.

This January marked three years since Accero acquired Cyborg systems from Hewitt and Associates. In that time the business has invested heavily in both US and UK operations to guarantee development of its core software product. The business has introduced new products, enhanced leading on-demand solutions, and demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Managing Director of Accero in the UK, Chris Els, said: “Under Tom’s leadership Accero has been re-established as a leader in payroll and human capital management. Sean has already been engaged with the business for several months now to help with our strategic planning. As he takes over as CEO Tom will continue to work with Vista Private Equity in a consulting capacity, and will be available to support Sean and Accero in whatever capacity is required. I’m excited about the transition the of leadership responsibilities to Sean and confident he will be successful in his new role”.

Mr. Fallon said, “I am thrilled to be joining the Accero team and I’m looking forward to providing a fresh impetus to help the business move forward. I believe we are well positioned to respond to the most pressing needs of our customer and I am pleased to be part of the next phase of growth at Accero. I look forward to strengthening the foundations that have already been established by Tom.”