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“Our free online guides will help employers understand how to get recruitment and induction right. If the process isn’t managed properly employers could face a costly employment tribunal.” – Acas Chief Executive Officer, Anne Sharp.

Acas have launched two new free practical guides today to help employers and managers recruit and settle in staff.

Over the past year, the most common recruitment-related issues dealt with by the Acas helpline were around disclosing information (such as a disability or criminal records), probation periods, and how to construct a job advert. And research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that over three-quarters of businesses face challenges retaining staff.

The new guides give employers and managers practical advice on how to successfully run a recruitment or induction programme, and include free tools, templates and check lists. They are:

  • Recruiting new staff: covers a range of issues from hiring options to what essential documents are needed, as well as top tips about the process itself, from advertising a job to considerations when choosing the right candidate.
  • Starting staff, induction: provides practical advice on steps to take before the new employee starts and throughout the first year that the new employee is taken on board. It also gives specific guidance around recruiting young people, including school, college, and university leavers.

Acas Chief Executive Officer, Anne Sharp, said:

“Our free online guides will help employers understand how to get recruitment and induction right. If the process isn’t managed properly employers could face a costly employment tribunal.

“And with average costs to employers around £5,000 every time they recruit a new member of staff, it can be particularly hard hitting for smaller businesses. So it’s worth investing the time and resources to help businesses grow.

“As workplace experts, we know that recruiting and settling in staff effectively and fairly brings long term benefits to the team, managers and the business as a whole.”

Acas’ two new free online guides outline the main points that employers should be aware of when recruiting and settling in new staff. Top tips include:

When recruiting new staff:

  • Work out what is really needed: think about your hiring options and weigh up what the business needs and make sure the employment terms and conditions on offer are attractive in the current labour market.
  • Know the essentials:  there are essential documents you need for any recruitment campaign, such as a job description, job application form, and job offer letter template.
  • Advertising the job: consider the range of media and advertise opportunities in at least two places to get best possible exposure to candidates.   

When settling in new staff:

  • Plan the induction properly: it doesn’t need to be a formal process but it does need to be properly planned and consistently delivered to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information.
  • Have an induction check list: this can ensure that all areas are covered.  The process needs to impart all the information that new employees need in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them, or distract them from getting to grips with their job.
  • Have a ‘buddy’ system for a new employee’s first week: this can help answer practical questions and deal with any problems in an informal way.

Acas say that the guides are also useful for more experienced HR professionals who may simply need a refresher on the latest legislation changes and employment practices.

The full Acas guides on Recruitment and Induction are available at: