Volcanic ash is causing chaosBusinesses relying on workers travelling overseas to strike client deals or waiting for members of staff to return from abroad may have found themselves dealing with an absence management crisis over the last week.

Towards the end of last week, a volcanic ash cloud originating from Iceland resulted in unprecedented action being taken to declare the UK and much of Europe a no-fly zone due to safety concerns.

Since that time, plans to reopen the air space have continued to be delayed and according to the BBC, the ban will continue until at least tonight (April 19th).

Meanwhile, the news corporation’s business editor Robert Peston said British Airways claims to be losing £25 million a day as a result of grounded flights, while Easyjet is reporting £5 million a day of losses.

Small particles of glass, rock and sand contained within the cloud could cause the engine of a plane to jam, experts have warned.

However, the ash cloud may now be causing HR departments a headache strategically.

ABTA – The Travel Association was is now advising Britons still stuck overseas to contact their travel provider or airline for the latest information in relation to their travel plans.

Posted by Cameron Thomson