Union hit back over non-jobs jibePublic sector trade union Unison has criticised government minister Eric Pickles for his attack on what he called ‘non-jobs’ in local authorities.

The body’s general secretary Dave Prentis accused Mr Pickles of "perpetuating a myth" that cutting jobs would be painless and the coalition led by the Conservatives would hit communities hard.

Instead Mr Prentis urged leaders at Westminster to think about the money spent on private consultants by councils up and down the UK who he felt added little value to regional services.

The Unison leader said: "Councils work together with local businesses and other agencies such as the police and fire brigades to fund some posts, particularly for young people."

As well as attacking local authorities over what he saw as the creation of ‘non-jobs’, the communities minister argued that there should be more shared services in order to cut costs as the government looks to reduce the UK’s budget deficit.

By Hayley Edwards